Olympus BX41TF Transmitted Light Fluorescence Microscope

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Main Features:
Eyepieces: WH10X/22 High Eyepoint with ability to use eyeglasses when viewing.
Rubber cupping eyeguards. This is the version for blocking out extraneous illumination for better fluorescence viewing.
Frame Marking: Model BX41TF. Made in Japan.
Five position objective nosepiece. Not capable of DIC but if needed, the nosepiece can be upgraded to a DIC version.
Halogen Lamp Housing: –
Fluorescence Lamp Housing: U-LH100HG. Utilizes an included 100W Mercury bulb.
U-AC2 Abbe Condenser. N.A. is 1.1.
Reflected Light Vertical Illuminator. With Aperture and Field Iris Diaphragms, with corresponding centering adjustments.
Light intensity lever with preset level button.
Objective Lenses:
Plan 10x/0.25, infinity/-.
UPlanFl 40x/0.75, infinity/0.17.
Dichroic Fluorescence Filter Cube:
One Filter Cube:
Dual Band DAPI/FITC (Made by Chroma, minimal but visible wear). Cube was tested with a multi-fluorphore stained slide and resulting images of purple and green were viewed in the eyepieces. Different parts of the tissue sample had been stained with different fluorphores.
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