Zeiss Primo Star iled Binocular Biological Microscope

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Zeiss Primo Star iled microscope with built-in camera, ZEN software 3.1 CDs, capable of bright field, dark field and phase contrast.


Is suitable for a possibly yet to be purchased fluorescence module.

Illumination led and halogen both.

Large number of cables.

Manuals and self printed instructions.

Furthermore an original Zeiss transport case.

Delivery note Carl Zeiss Jena and Dachser transfer receipt in name.

Objectives: 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x and 100x immersion (with suspension).

Dry Abbe condenser.

Expandable with a 100x immersion N-Achroplan Iris 100x immersion or a Plan-Neofluar 100x/1.30 NA oil with internal Iris diaphragm (threaded M27).

Can also be used with Zeiss Labscope software for education.

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