ibidi Pump System for Long-term Cell Culture

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Pump system for long-term cell culture under flow to mimic physiologic conditions.

-Establish in vivo-like conditions for the cultivation of cells under flow (e.g., endothelial cells for the simulation of blood vessels)

-Simulate defined laminar flow types (unidirectional, pulsatile, and oscillatory flow) occurring in different tissues and settings

-Compatible with µ-Slides with Luer adapters, to be used with all cell culture incubators, all inverted microscopes, and ibidi Stage Top Incubators


Complete setup:

-pump system with 2 fluidic units

-heated stage top incubation system (to hold microwell plates)

-CO2 and temperature controllers

-laptop and spare tubing included


System was used only once for training by Ibidi.

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