BioTek Elx50/8 Microplate Washer

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The ELx50’s contains a powerhouse of washing capabilities unsurpassed in its class. The washer’s excellent dispense performance and evacuation efficiency supports 96-well plates washing.



Syringe drive fluid-delivery system for precise control over multiple fluid flow rates

96- and 384-well microplates

Patented Dual-Action wash manifold for independent control of dispense and aspiration tubes

Fully programmable onboard
software for customized assay requirements

Unique priming trough built
into removable microplate carrier for effortless priming and easy maintenance

Automatic buffer switching of
up to three wash buffers

Automatic liquid level sensing


Technical specifications:

Microplate types: all 96-well plates, 1 x 8 strips (8-channel)

Manifold type: 8-channel dispense/aspiration (8-channel)

Wash Cycles: 1 to 10

Volume Range: 25 to 3000 μL/well

Fluid Delivery: Internal positive displacement syringe pump

Buffer Selection: Optional switching of up to 3 wash buffers


Dispense Precision: ≤ 3% CV

Residual Volume: ≤ 2 μL/well

Onboard Software: 75 programs, program linking,  overflow / overfill protection

Soak Time: 1 to 600 seconds

Shaking: User-programmable speeds and timing

Sterilization: Chemical


Voltage: 220-240 V


Outer dimensions (W) x (D) x (H): 356 x 406 x 165 mm

Weight: 8.9 kg

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