Turner BioSystems GloRunner Microplate Luminometer

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The GloRunner is an easy-to-use, sensitive luminometer with a broad dynamic range designed to read glow luminescent reactions in 96-well plates. 
Sensitivity: 2×10-20 moles horseradish peroxidase, 2×10-20 moles alkaline phosphatase, 5×10-18 moles luciferase
Linear Dynamic Range: Instrument dynamic range 108
Cross-talk: Better than 5×10-4 at 1.5×106  Relative Light Units using a white Costar plate
Detector: Proprietary eight-channel solid state array
Spectral Response Range: 300—610 nm
Peak Wavelength: 550 nm
Detection Mode: Glow luminescence
Plate Format: 96-well
Reading Speed: 1 second per well, less than 30 seconds per plate
Computer Interface: RS-232
Dimensions (H x W x D): 172 x 260 x 426 mm
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