Porvair Sciences Ultravap Mistral Nitrogen Evaporator

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The Ultravap Mistral from Porvair Sciences is designed to remove the traditional laboratory ‘bottleneck’ of solvent evaporation from microplates. Fully automating the dry-down step has always been impossible because it is difficult to interface liquid handling robots with traditional centrifugal-type evaporators. The Ultravap Mistral design, by dispensing with the rotating arm of the centrifuge and offering a fully-flat front profile, overcomes this problem and is much better positioned to link with your robot. With more than 20 years experience in producing deep well microplates, Porvair Sciences has thoroughly researched the problems of drying down organic solvents in plates.

The Ultravap Mistral may be operated with a supply of clean, dry compressed air in place of nitrogen, if the chemistry allows. It has been designed in close co-operation with the leading suppliers of laboratory liquid handling robots and is suitable for integration directly with the following manufacturers robots:  Hamilton Robotics, Tecan, Perkin Elmer, Beckman Coulter

A built in digital gas flow meter controls the flow rate and switches off the heaters if the gas supply drops below 30L per minute for maximum safety. Between 30 and 5L per minute, the Levante may be operated without heating using gas at input temperature only. Similarly, if the pressure exceeds 7 bar, safety valves will shut down the system to prevent damage. Optimal gas supply is 70L per minute at 6 bar.

Equipped with a 48 straight needle head

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