Labcaire PCR6 PCR Workstation

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The PCR Cabinet is designed for the production of PCR and other sterile samples without contamination. The work area has a HEPA filtered air down flow to provide minimum of CLASS 100 Air at a laminar velocity of approx. 0.4 m/sec. The cabinet is fitted with a timer controlled U.V. light for sterilising the cabinet work-surface and equipment. A safety door is supplied to cover the work area whilst cabinet is being sterilised. The work surface is manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel for ease of cleaning.

Laminar flow velocity: >0.4m/sec

UV lighting 254 nm at 15 watts

Dimensions (WxDxH): 63 x 55 x 90 cm

Work area size: 610 x 550 mm

Weight: 60 kg

Weight 60,0 kg

6 months


Used, in good condition


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