Eppendorf Mastercycler Gradient 5331 Thermocycler

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Thermocycler Eppendorf Mastercycler Gradient 5331 The Eppendorf 5331 Gradient MasterCycler is ideal for quantitative PCR applications and meets all the latest requirements with its excellent speed and flexibility. The MasterCycler offers extremely fast temperature ramp-up, short detection times and intuitive assay programming, saving time and enabling multiple accurate and reliable tests per day. The Eppendorf 5331 simplifies PCR temperature testing by significantly speeding up the process by performing tests at a gradient temperature. The gradient function of this thermocycler allows a gradient difference of 1° to 20°C across the block, allowing multiple samples at different temperatures to be run in just one run. The MasterCycler also offers the Peltier-controlled block for precise homogeneity, ensuring the best reproducible results. The gradient block can hold both 0.2 ml (96 capacity) and 0.5 ml (77 capacity) tubes or a microtiter plate (one capacity), without having to change blocks supplied as shown

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