Du-Pont Qualicon Bax System QTC-1200 Real Time PCR System

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The Bax system is genetics based screening method that quickly and accurately detects target bacteria in raw ingredients, finished food products, environmental and water samples for fast accurate results.

Through the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), the Bax system provides “yes-no” answers without the need for confirmationor expert interpretation of results. Tableted reagents provide minimal hands-on time using standard laboratory techniques in addition to accuracy, long shelf life and consistency.

The Bax system cycler/detector provides even more ease of use through automated amplification and detection. Just load your samples and walk away. Electronic results that are clear, reliable and easily store are available in about four hours.


Automated cycling, detection and analysis

High capacity load of 96 samples per batch

Single platform and protocol for all organisms allows testing for multiple targets in the same batch

Electronic record of data for easy storage, retrieval and printing

Pre-packaged PCR tablets have build-in control and ingredients to overcome PCR inhibition

Excellent inclusivity and exclusivity for all targets

No confirmation required

Clear and reproducible results, independent of operator technique

Minimal hands-on time using standard laboratory techniques

Results as quickly as the day of sampling

Performance meets or exceeds gel-based Bax systems

Including software

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