Acea Biosciences xCELLigence RTCA DP Real Time Cell Analyzer

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The xCELLigence RTCA DP instrument uses noninvasive electrical impedance monitoring to quantify cell proliferation, morphology change, and attachment quality in a label-free, real-time manner. What distinguishes the DP (dual purpose) model from our other xCELLigence instruments is its ability to additionally make kinetic measurements of cell invasion and migration (CIM) using an electronically integrated Boyden chamber (CIM-Plate 16). The three cradles of the DP instrument enable three separate electronic 16-well plates to be controlled and monitored in parallel or independently of one another, allowing maximal productivity for multiple users. The instrument is placed in a standard CO2 cell culture incubator and is powered and controlled via a cable connected to the control unit (a laptop computer) housed outside the incubator. User friendly real-time cell analysis (RTCA) software allows for real-time interfacing with all three cradles, and includes real-time data display and analysis functions. By skipping the guesswork associated with end-point assays and eliminating the time- and labor-intensive steps of traditional methods, real-time cell analysis with the xCELLigence RTCA DP vastly improves efficiency and overall productivity.  

Incl Laptop + 3×16 wells resitor plates 

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