Miele G7883 Cleaning and Disinfection Machine

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The G 7883 washer-disinfector is suitable for reusing laboratory glassware for analytical experiments in, for example, industrial, environmental and research laboratories. This appliance has a large two-tier wash area and can be built-in under a continuous worktop or used free-standing. After an intensive main cleaning phase, disinfection takes place at >90°C and a storage time of 5 minutes. The final rinse is performed with deionized water without rinsing agents.

Control/programs: Multitronic Novo Plus control (certain process parameters can be changed), with 10 standard cleaning programs

Program operation/display: Operation via one-button program selector, display of program cycles, display of temperature and program duration, display of program end, optical and acoustic signal, indicator lights for service and fault messages

Cleaning mechanisms: Rotating: two spray arms on top and bottom of the chamber, third spray arm on top basket.

Dosing devices: Valve dispensers for powdered detergent and liquid detergents.

Circulation pump: 400 l/min

Temperature: Freely adjustable up to 93°C

Drain: 1 drain hose

Drying capacity: Gravity convection drying system, 10 minutes. Can be turned on or off in any cycle

Water connection: 1x hot water, 1x cold water, 1x purified water

Dimensions (WxDxH): 600 x 600 x 850 mm

Weight: 74 kg

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