Dupa Premium XL V1 Veiligheidskast

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» 90 minutes fire resistant safety cabinet (T90) suitable for

storage of hazardous substances, according to PGS 15 with the exception of ADR 8

» 4x shelf made of powder-coated steel 35 mm high, adjustable

per 32 mm

» 1x bottom collector, powder-coated steel

» ventilation and ventilation on the top of the cabinet which closes automatically

at a temperature of 70°C, vent ø 75/100 mm

» optical control system air supply and exhaust

» grounding points on the top of the cabinet, are connected

with the interior design

» folding doors are space-saving

» cabinet stands on 4 legs, making it with a pump truck

can be approached from all sides and therefore easy to

transport (finished by means of a plinth, front and 2 sides)

» type approval according to NEN EN 14470-1, NEN EN 1363-1 and NEN EN 14727


Outside dimensions: 1194x597x2077 mm

Inside dimensions: 1098x468x1655 mm

Freight costs delivery 1st door ground floor: € 195.00
Temporary raw materials surcharge: € 495.00

Moving in ground floor € 70.00

Moving in storey floor* € 115.00

* this price applies if the vertical transport can take place with a lift!

Warranty 1 year

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1 year

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