Nilo Glamor Premium Treatment Chair

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The Nilo Glamor Premium Chair is the perfect spa multi-tool, which can also be used as a medical treatment chair.

The Nilo Glamor Premium Chair is the perfect multifunctional salon chair for both facial and body treatments. Made of a sturdy and moisture-resistant metal structure, you are assured of a long-lasting salon chair. It comes with four electromotive adjustments to change the height, backrest, foot section and tilt of all components of the chair. The custom upholstery is covered with a fireproof and oil resistant PU cover for the perfect hassle free and long lasting salon chair. Ideal for body treatments, massages and facials in any home, spa or salon. The streamlined design is perfect for any salon or spa aesthetic as you can fully customize every part. Main features of the Nilo Glamor Premium Chair:

– Ideal for facials and applying e.g. make-up to all clients.

– You can remove the armrests for easy storage and use between and during treatments.

– You can adjust or remove the headrest depending on the client or treatment needs.

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