IKA RET control-visc Hot plate with Magnetic Stirrer

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Integrated temperature control feature enables connection of a temperature probe, placed directly in the medium, to control medium temperature with a high degree of precision. The stainless steel composite hot plate, reaching a temperature of 340°C, enables rapid heating. RS 232 and USB interfaces enable pc control of the magnetic stirrer and documentation of all test parameters.




Stirring Capacity: 20 L

Motor Rating Output: 9W

Speed Range: 50 – 1700 rpm

Setting Accuracy Speed: 10 rpm

Stirring Bar Length Min: 20 mm

Stirring Bar Length Max: 80 mm

Self Heating of Hot Plate: 28 +K

Heat Output: 600W

Heating Temperature Range: Room Temperature – 340°C

Temperature Setting Range Min: 0°C

Temperature Medium Max: 270°C

Heating Rate Medium: 7 K/min

Adjustable Safety Circuit Min: 50°C

Adjustable Safety Circuit Max: 380°C

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