Torrey Pines IC20XR Cooling/Heating Block

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The chilling/heating surface is a 73 x 111 mm aluminum plate that is very flat for optimal contact with your sample. When unloaded, the plate surface will reach below 0°C in under two minutes. It will also heat to 37°C in approximately 3 minutes. This rate of chilling or heating may vary with the load on the plate. For instance, temperatures down to 4.0°C can be reached on a solid aluminum block as large as 102 x 76 x 152 mm in less than one hour. When insulated, these large blocks can be driven below 0°C. Temperature gradients from the center to the edge of any aluminum block mentioned will be less than 0.5°C at any temperature.
Including a sample cover and 96-well assay block holding 0.2 ml, 0.5 ml or 1.5 ml centrifuge tubes. 
Temperature range: -10°C to 110°C (w/o sample block)
Temperature readability: 1°C
Temperature accuracy: ±1°C
Temperature stability: ±1°C
Temperature sensor type: Platinum RTD
Temperature controller type: PID
Temperature uniformity: ±0.3°C
Timer range: 00:01 to 30 days
Timer readability: 1 second
Timer audible alarm: Yes, alarm sounds for 1 minute. Timer counts up until turned off.
Timer auto-off: Yes, user settable.
Data logger sample times: 1 sec, 1 min or 5 minutes per data point
Data logger capability: 8110 data points
Heater/Chiller: Peltier 100 watts
Dimensions (H x W x D): 102 x 165 x 222 mm
Weight: 3 kg
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