Bioer HB-202 Heating Block

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Bioer HB-202 Thermocell heating block ThermoCell – Programmable heating

The BIOER ThermoCell series all have a digital control for time and temperature.

A memory and programming capability of up to five temperature profiles with five temperature levels enables automatic temperature change for different applications.

Peltier design is small and lightweight for transportation

Reliable design with additional temperature protection

Lifting the block makes changing the block easy and convenient.

Programmable function allows a one-time setting to run five set temperatures sequentially in the set time

A wide range of setting options for temperature and temperature deviation will meet different customer requirements

The PID control can keep the temperature stable after reaching the set temperature, saving waiting time.

Large LCD display; Intuitive control panel for easy and convenient operation

Displays temperature, actual temperature, set-up time and run time on the same interface.

Interchangeable multiple blocks offer a variety of test tube wells (custom blocks are available upon customer request).

With a special water bath block, the device can be used as a water bath, creating space for different types of tubes.

Temperature range: RT – 100°C

Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.5°C

Heating time: 20 – 100°C in 12 min.

Time setting: 1 min – 99h59min

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