Jeio Tech VDC-41U Cubic Vacuum Desiccator

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The Jeio Tech VDC-41U, 45 Liter Cubic Vacuum Desiccator is constructed as an integrally molded cubic box, which produces excellent vacuum capacities without leakage and is extremely durable.

This lab desiccator has a vacuum gauge on the door so users can easily check the vacuum level. Thanks to the stackable and space-saving design, samples can be efficiently placed in the desiccator.

• Maximum vacuum of 1 Torr (1.33 x 10⁻⁴ MPa) for over 72 hours

• High-quality silicone gasket provides a grease-free, airtight seal for a clean and cost-effective test environment

• Highly transparent, unbreakable, non-corrosive and has an easy to clean polycarbonate (PC) construction

• Three-way valve offers great convenience for consistent and uniform vacuum take-off, vacuum release or gas exchange. The barbed wire fitting on each side ensures a secure attachment of the hose. Additional three-way valves can be installed (max. 4 shut-off valves)

• Maximum use of the internal space with a maximum of four to six shelves, depending on the product size

• Stackable space-saving design that allows efficient use of tight laboratory space

• Easy check of the vacuum level, using the vacuum gauge mounted on the door

• UV-blocking coating minimizes damage or discoloration of light-sensitive samples

• Four built-in ports for easy hose attachment

Dimensions; W x D x H (mm)

Internal: 355 x 374 x 445

External: 420 x 397 x 491

Nozzle diameter (mm): 9.5

max. Permissible vacuum (Mpa): 1.33 x 10⁻⁴

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