EVERmed MPR 625 W/S PT Refrigerator

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Digital temperature adjusting and displaying with an accuracy of 0,1°C
Keyboard buttons with locking protection, manually activable, to avoid tampering from unauthorized persons
Visual and acoustic alarm signalling (with automatic resetting) for:
– high and low temperature with limits programmable from the user
 – door ajar, delayed to allow the standard operations
– power failure (at the return of the mains supply)
 – anti-freezing evaporator
 – sensors failure
Muting facilities for the acoustic alarms with maintaining of the visual indication of the alarm condition
Alarms memory for the last 10 alarm conditions, with the possibility of checking from the display, the sort of alarm, when the alarm is started, when it is ended and which is the highest or lowest peak reached from the temperature (where applicable)
Ntc type sensors for a high accuracy of the temperature control
NO/NC contact to remote the alarm signals
Cooling unit : top mounted, with the condensing unit compounded by Nr 1 hermetic compressors and Nr 1 finned condenser, air cooled through a fan. Also, in the ceiling of the storage chamber, is mounted the finned evaporator with copper pipes, that is housed into a stainless steel cover that incorporate the fan. All the mounted components are industrial grade to grant the maximum reliability
Refrigerant : R404a CFC-free
Refrigeration : forced-air, through a fan, granting the maximum temperature uniformity and stability inside of the cabinet
Defrosting : completely automatic, thermostat controlled. The condensate water is automatically channelled into an heated tray, located in the cabinet backside, for the automatic evaporation of the condensate water
Temperature range : infinitely adjustable between +2°C / +15°C
Capacity: 625L
Dimensions (w x d x h ) : 750mm x 820mm x 2100mm
Weight : 165kg

230V / 50Hz / 1006W

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