QED CRT30G Medicine Storage Cabinet

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Controlled Room Temperature cabinets are specially designed for storing medicines that are normally not kept in a pharmacy fridge. Manufacturers generally guarantee the performance of their medicines so long as they remain stored below 25 degrees Celsius (25°C). In hot weather ambient temperatures will rise above this, so creating concerns because their efficacy can drop rapidly. To protect such medicines, QED Scientific manufactures a range of CRT ‘controlled room temperature’ cabinets that maintain the storage temperature between 15°C to 25°C even if the room temperature exceeds 35°C, ie RTS Controlled Room Temperature Storage.
These controlled temperature cabinets are the ideal cost-effective solution for departments that don’t want the expense of air conditioning, yet struggle to maintain recommended storage temperature for non-refrigerated medicines. Many sites switch off air conditioning overnight or at week-ends in order to save money. However this is exactly what not to do when storing medicines as the temperature must be maintained at all times. The cost of running a CRT cabinet 24/7 is considerably lower than using air conditioning. As well as offering safe storage conditions for medicines requiring storage below 25°C, they cut out the need for relying on manual room thermometer readings. Like pharmacy fridges, these CRT cabinets have a digital controller that stores the highest and lowest readings as well as alerting users to out of range excursions. Remote alarm connections are provided for connection to a building management system or one of our remote alarm units. Put together, all of this helps ensure correct storage conditions at all times, saving direct labour costs as well as hopefully eliminating the risk of having to dispose of and re-stock damaged medicines.

Digital controller
Remote alarm contacts
High and low alarms (audible and visual) with mute
Minimum and maximum temperature recorded since last memory clear. 
30 liter
Glazed lockable door
Dimensions (H x W x D): 521 x 445 x 491 mm
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