Interflow MVK IIA/IIB Biological Safety Cabinet

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Interflow’s innovative Microbiological Safety Cabinets offer both personal and product protection. This laminar air flow unit meets the strictest safety requirements (European standard EN 12469 and GMP standard NEN-EN-ISO 14644-1, class A).

A number of design considerations are central to the development of your Microbiological Safety Cabinets from sketch to realization. First and foremost the Microbiological Safety Cabinets guarantee safety. The design also pays a great deal of attention to comfort, ease of use and sustainable manufacture and operation. We can design and assemble your unit(s) according to your exact requirements, a bespoke unit to meet all your needs, guaranteed. Finally, we have the expertise to validate your safety cabinets, and to manage and maintain them.

Interflow’s microbiological safety cabinets (msc’s) meet the strictest safety requirements (the European standard EN 12469 and the GMP standard NEN-EN-ISO 14644-1, class A). Thanks to our inventive solutions, you and your products enjoy even better protection.

• Complies with all safety laws and regulations

• Fail-safe design and hermetic sealing provide unique, additional guarantee of safety

Interflow’s Microbiological Safety Cabinets are:

• Easy to operate

• Effortless to clean

• Front filter easy to replace

Interflow’s latest generation of microbiological safety cabinets features a multifunctional touchscreen. The simplicity with which various settings – such as day and night modes and the lighting system – can be adjusted is great. The accessible screen on these laminar air flow units also displays key information, including fault messages.

Interflow’s microbiological safety cabinets feature energy-efficient LED lighting and DC fans. This results in a lower heat load, which in turn results in smaller cooling units and an even lower energy load. The laminar air flow units feature a day and night mode, with the night mode reducing energy consumption. 

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