Interchim CellMax DUO System

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The CELLMAX DUO System features a two position pump station and supporting media bottle holders. The system accommodates two CellMax Hollow Fiber Bioreactors and media bottles allowing two independent cell cultures to be grown simultaneously. The system is compact and can be used in standard humidified, temperature controlled CO2 incubators. All surfaces can be wiped down with a dilute alcohol solution for easy transfer into standard tissue culture hoods.
The pump operates by depressing the tubing of each hollow fiber bioreactor which causes the culture media to flow from the media bottles and circulate through the bioreactors. This mode of action reduces the risk of particulates shedding from the tubing wall and interfering with cell growth. The silicone bioreactor tubing is gas permeable which allows CO2 to diffuse out, maintaining the pH of the culture media.
The Cellmax Duo system design allows adjustable flow rates from 5-120 mL/min for each bioreactor. The special push bar design enables the users to start a culture at a low flow rate at one pump station, while maintaining a high flow rate on the opposite pump station. An optional perfusion kit gives the user the ability to create recirculation flow in the Extra Capillary Space (ECS) reducing micro environmental conditions which maybe harmful to the cell cultures. 
Fits standard Media Bottles
Adjustable Flow Rates
Compact design minimizes space requirement
Operates within a standard CO2 incubator
Uses disposable Hollow Fiber Bioreactors
Cool Running motor does not interfere with incubator temperature
Efficient Pump design and media delivery extends culture life space requirement

Flow control unit is not included

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6 months


Used, in good condition

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