YSI BioVision 8500 CO2 Monitor

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The YSI BIOVISION 8500 is a microprocessor based, menu-driven system designed to perform real time in situ monitoring of dissolved CO2 in fermentation and cell culture processes.
Internal memory for storing up to 7500 readings and RS232 and RS485 ports allow you to upload or log data from the Model 8500 directly to a computer.
Measurement: pCO2
Measurement range: 1–25% at atmospheric pressure (760 mmHg)
Measurement Accuracy: ±5% of reading or 0.2% absolute, whichever is greater
Calibration Procedure: Single Point calibration performed with reference gas before start of process.
Calibration Drift: 2% of actual reading per 7 days
Response Time: T90 < 7 minutes
Output signals:
Serial: RS232 or RS485
Analog: 4–20 mA, offset = ±0.25mA, differential = ±0.05mA  or 1–5VDC, offset = ±0.1V, differential = ±50mV
Instrument operating environment: 10–40°C, 5–90% RH non-condensing
Case size (H x W x D): 115 x 257 x 265 mm
Display: LCD, 40 characters x 8 lines
Data storage: 7500 samples, calibration information, error messages

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