Bio Rad Model 200/2.0 Power Supply

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Output voltage: 5-200 volts DC, continuously adjustable
Output current: 0.01-2.0 A, continuously adjustable
Output terminals: Floating dual output jacks in parallel
Set limits current: 0.01-2.0 A, 0.01 A steps, fully adjustable
Set limits power: 200 watts maximum output. Automatic crossover upon reaching limit.
Timer control: 0.1-99.9 hours, 0.1 H steps, continuously adjustable
Set point resolution voltage: ± 1 V, 5-200 VDC
Set point resolution current limit: ± .01 A, .01-2.0 A
Set point resolution time set: + 0.1 H, 0.1-99.9 hours
Readout accuracy voltage: + 1 V
Readout accuracy current limit: + .05 A
Readout accuracy timer: 2 seconds per hour
No load detection LED display and alarm
Operating temperature: 0-35 °C
Operating humidity: 0-95%, in the absence of condensation
RMS ripple and noise: Less than 5% at 100 VDC and 1 A. Less than 7% at any load (not exceeding current limit)
Drift: ± 1 volts
Dimensions (W x L x H): 165 x 310 x 135 mm
Weight: 5.45 kg
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