Invitrogen Safe Imager 2.0 Blue-Light Transilluminator

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The Safe Imager 2.0 Blue-Light Transilluminator is designed for viewing stained gels on the laboratory bench top, or within a gel documentation system. Light from the LED source inside the transilluminator passes through a blue filter producing a single-intensity signal at approximately 470 nm, effective for the excitation of SYBR Safe DNA gel stain, and many other Life Technologies proprietary nucleic acid and protein stains, such as SYBR Gold, SYBR Green I and II, SYPRO Ruby, SYPRO Orange, and Coomassie Fluor Orange stains. Sensitivity obtained using this instrument is comparable to that obtained with a standard UV transilluminator.

Unlike UV-transilluminators, the Safe Imager 2.0 Blue-Light Transilluminator does not produce UV light and does not require UV-protective equipment during use.


Viewing surface dimensions: 190 x 190 mm

Dimensions: 295 x 325 x 65 mm

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