EPPENDORF Multipette E3

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Eppendorf Multipette E3 Electronic Multi-Dispenser Pipette

These electronic positive displacement dispenser pipettes are ideal for stress-free, long series repetitive dispensing due to their lightweight, ergonomic design, and easy, motor driven action which reduces fatigue and the risk of repetitive strain injuries. The Multipette E3 and E3x have a wide dispensing range of 1 µL to 50 mL, 5,000 different dispensing volumes with increments as low as 100 nL and are used with Combitips® advanced positive displacement tips. With automatic tip recognition, the Multipette/Combitips system is ideal for all types of liquids, and by preventing aerosols from leaving the syringe-style tips, users can work safely with hazardous liquids and volatile solutions.

– Automatic Combitips® advanced pipette tip recognition: Eliminates time-consuming volume calculations, avoiding incorrect dispensing volumes

– Ergonomic one-button tip ejector: For one-handed operation and contact-free Combitips® advanced pipette tip ejection

– 1 µL to 50 mL dispensing range providing up to 5,000 dispensing volumes with increments as low as 100 nanoliters

– Motor-driven function reduces the human error to a minimum and reduces risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSI)

– Safe and ergonomic operation with 9 different selectable languages

– Contamination-free dispensing of toxic, radioactive and other hazardous liquids due to positive displacement principle

– including charging adapter

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