Nordson EFD Ultra 2800 Positive Displacement Fluid Dispenser

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The 2800 Dispensing System brings positive displacement technology to applications that require precise metering of assembly fluids that change viscosity or where a specific flow rate is necessary.

Unique patented technology within the system uses a flexible drive cable driven by a powerful stepper motor, to apply consistent dots or beads of virtually any assembly fluid. The heavy-duty motor is contained within the benchtop controller, keeping the handheld

reservoir system lightweight and easy to use.

For setup, the operator can use a menu-driven touch pad to set deposit volume (as small as 0.1 microliter), flow rate and other specific criteria. After initial setup, there is no need to recalibrate or reset the system due to changes in fluid viscosity or reservoir volume.

Highly repeatable, precise fluid control

No need to recalibrate during operation

All electric; does not require shop air

Programmable pullback eliminates drooling

All digital, multi-function display with readouts of deposit volume, rate, shot count, and more

100 user-defined memory cells that store shot volume, syringe barrel size, pullback, dispense rate, and pause

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