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The ultimate Dilumat 4 fully automated gravimetric diluter offers superior performance in traceability and automation to microbiology laboratories. Secure and standardize the analysis, save time and money and achieve total traceability by performing all 3 operations at once: weighing, diluting and recording. The Dilumat 4 eliminates operator variance and fatigue, automates dilution, provides GLP traceability and allows easy calibration by the operator. The Dilumat 4 can dispense into bags or other containers and is available with bar code reader (identification of sample, broth and operator). It can be fitted with up to four pumps (up to four different diluents) simultaneously. 


No need to spend time and effort weighing out exact amounts of sample – speeds up the whole process. Dilution time is only 10-15 seconds for 250g. 

No need for diluent blanks – a saving in time and consumables.

The dispensing arm automatically drops down to the blending bag or vessel when ready to dispense. 

No inaccuracies due to incomplete sample volume – the diluent will not be added until sufficient sample has been included for the required dilution (accurate to 0.1g of sample weight). 

An optional ticket printer can generate labels to help track the sample throughout the analysis. 

This laboratory diluter can operate with samples up to 1,500g for maximum flexibility. 

Can connect to a PC or operate as a stand-alone unit.

AES Chemunex Dilumat 4 fully automated gravimetric sample diluter and dispenser comes with mounted second pump unit, two additional complete tubing sets with dispensing and priming nozzles, a third backup nozzle set, a bag holder and an additional weighing attachment including a convertible elevated platform/vessel for different sample containers. 

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