Filsons Whirlimixer Vortex Mixer

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For rapid and efficient mixing, the Whirlimixer is far superior to hand shaking. The mixer creates a vortex in the tube which gives the highly effective mixing action. Contamination from stirring rods and stoppers is eliminated and different samples may be subjected to the same degree of mixing, thus improving repeatability of results. Fitted with an automatic press-start operation, providing instant action the moment the tube is pressed into the rubber cup. This feature is particularly useful where repetitive mixing is undertaken. Offers variable speed control, with the advantage of controlled mixing over a wide speed range. This allows for very slow, gentle mixing which is necessary in many applications, articularly where damage to cell structure must be avoided. The unit may be set for continuous running at the chosen speed or on demand by inserting the tube into the cup. The skirted rubber cup helps prevent liquid entering the mixer’s casing.

Accepts vessels up to 25mm diameter. Excellent stability is achieved through a combination of weight and non-slip feet.

Dimensions (WxDxH): 160 x 160 x 145 mm

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