Stuart SF1 Flask Shaker

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Vigorous shaking action
Timed operation or continuous running
Robust construction
Ideal for extractions
Valuable time can be taken up mixing bottles and flasks by hand. Let the SF1 take the strain. Holding up to eight flasks or bottles, up to 500ml capacity, it creates a vigorous mixing action by simulating hand shaking. It is especially useful for applications where prolonged shaking is required as it can be left on continuously and won’t get tired!
Robust construction, mounted on four rubber feet to absorb vibration and prevent unnecessary movement on the bench. Analogue timer covers 10 to 60 minutes with a manual override. Electronic feed-back control ensures a constant speed irrespective of load.
Supplied with two side arms, eight clamps and Allen key.
Speed range: 80 to 800 oscillations/min
Amplitude: 1.5mm
Overall dimensions (w x d x h): 780 x 270 x 240mm
Maximum load: 3kg
Net weight: 8.3kg

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