Heidolph Multi Reax Shaker

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The versatile model with a 3 mm shaking path

High sample throughput is one of the daily challenges faced by analytical laboratories.

Often, several analyses have to be prepared simultaneously.

To simplify these processes and the overall workflow, a multi-vortexer has been developed.

It is suitable for 12 (16-32 mm diameter) and 26 (10-16 mm diameter) tubes (Falcon tubes or Greiner tubes).

Reaction vessels with snap-on lids (“Eppis” or Eppendorf cups) can also be safely attached.

The 3 mm shaking web and a speed control between 150 and 1950 rpm guarantee excellent mixing results.

The integrated timer (up to 999 minutes) allows automatic termination of the shaking function.

After the time has elapsed, a signal tone sounds.

So you can be sure that your work process will be uninterrupted, as several tasks have to be performed at the same time.

With two difference specimen holders.

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