Heidolph RZR 2051 Overhead Stirrer

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Heidolph RZR 2051 Control stirrer A through-shaft design allows easy adjustment of impeller position to make height adjustments easier 2-speed design ensures highest power over the entire speed range and is designed for continuous operation even in polymer research All electronic agitators maintain exact speed under varying loads and can even accept a peak 200% overload for a short time without interrupting the process Shorten process times by using patented inoJET impellers are used for easy mixing of gels and other challenging media The motor shuts down when a situation of high thermal load occurs to provide operator safety Sealed housing ensures long life and maintenance-free 24-hour operation in aggressive environments For standard applications, the RZR 2051 controller is a 1-speed stirrer that maintains constant speed under varying loads. It has a torque of 40 Ncm in an overload situation and 20 Ncm for continuous operation at speeds of 50 to 2000 rpm. Viscosity range up to 10000mPas Supplied as shown

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