Hanhart Mesortron Quartz Table Stopwatch

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Housing: ABS plastic

Control Function: 2 Button Control

Measuring range: 1/100 sec., 1/1 sec.

Calibration possible

Functions: addition, battery change indicator Hanhart table stopwatch Mesotron 0-60 sec. + 1/100 min

The Mesotron can be used in all areas such as schools, sports, laboratories and industry. With the Mesotron, Hanhart offers an easy-to-read, quartz-controlled analog table/wall stopwatch. Due to the ergonomic design, this watch has optimal stability. The hands are luminous

Measuring range: 0-60 sec. + 1/100 min.

Analog display: outer scale: 0-60 sec., + 0-60 min, inner scale: 0-100 / 100 min

Dial: Ø 110 mm

Temperature range: -10° to +70°C

Battery: Mignon cell (AA), 1.5 V

Duration: about 1-2 years

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