Automated AIE tester, CODA® System

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  • Clinical diagnostics
  • Infectious disease screening (HIV, Hepatitis)
  • Life science research
  • Food and veterinary analysis
  • Environmental testing
  • Assay development and quality control
  • Any microplate format analysis


  • Programmable assay protocol steps
  • Compatible with most microplate-based EIAs
  • As many as270or as fewas 1or2 samplesper run
  • Up to 5different assays can runsimultaneously, with assay overlap for maximum efficiency
  • EIA steps are performed individually or in programmed assay sequence


  • Easy-to-use, no special training needed
  • Intuitive software commands
  • Walk-away operation
  • Data can upload directly to your information system
  • Sturdy, dependable constuction 

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