Tosoh HLC-723G7 Glycohemoglobin Analyzer

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The HLC-723G7 is intended to assay A1c (%) out of the total hemoglobin in blood for in vitro diagnostic use based on HPLC principle with cationic non-porous ion exchanger using ionic deference. By placing the cap-pierced tube on the rack of the sample loader it can assay A1c every 1.2 minutes with sampling and dilution. In addition, not only A1c (HbA1c) but also HbA1 and hemoglobin F (HbF) are reportable. 
Analytes: HbA1c (sA1c), HbF, HbA1
Applicable samples: Whole blood and diluted samples
Assay principle: Ion exchange HPLC
Processing throughput: 1.2 min/sample
Detection method: 2-wavelength absorption (detection wavelength: 415 nm)
Sample volume required: 3 µl for whole blood and 150 µl for diluted samples
Sample rack: 10 primary tubes or vails per rack
Sample loading capacity: 90 per run
Sample suction: Nozzle suction
Sample injection: Sample loop (3 µl)
Sample dilution: Dilution by hemolysis and wash solution in dilution port
Sample tubes or vails: ø 15 x 75 ~100 mm primary tubes, ø 12 ~ 14 x 75 ~100 mm primary tubes (using adapter) sample vail
Sample ID recognition: Barecode with maximum of 20 digits
Pump unit: Single plunger pump (pressure 5 ~15 MPa)
Temperature control: Electronic cooling (temperature appx 25°C)
Calibration: 2 point calibration by calibrators
Dimensions (W x D x H): 530 x 555 x 482 mm
Weight: 50 kg

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