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Cardiac reader is an innovative instrument for the quantitative evaluation of immunoassays that use the gold-labeling technique. The rapid diagnostic tests available for this instrument aim at improving the diagnosis of Myocardic Ishaemia. The automated evalutionof those tests waith cardiac reader combines the advantages of a rapid diagnosis with a enhanced clinical interpretation of quantitative values. In addition, an automated evaluation ensures standardised results, as it eliminates potential sources of error by visual reading. Immunoassays in strip form of the Trop T rapid diagnostic tests are used as system test strips.
Readings may be carried out  at the place where the blood samples are taken. Therefore, this system is ideal for use in emergencies, such as emergency rooms or intensive care units. Cardiac reader is rapid and easy to operate: insert an unused test strip in the test strip slot and apply the sample. After the rection period the instrument gives a quantitative result.
Compact benchtop instrument
Easy to operate
Clearly laid out keypad
Self-explanatory user interface with various setup options
Easy-to-clean instrumetn surface
Sample and control reading mode
No special sample preperation required (use of anticogualated vous blood)
Memory for sampleand control reading results
Memory for lot-specific data
Display readings available in 6 different languages
Parameters: Troponin T, Myoglobin
Measuring principle: CCD photosensor with lens, annular illumination of 24 green LED’s (555nm), microprocessor controlled evaluation of a control or signal line and display of a quantitative result
Sample volume: 150µl ± 15µl
Sample material: Venous whole blood; Heparinized venous whole blood. Heparin is the only anticoagulant allowed.
Overall reaction time: Parameter specific
Parameter detection: Detection of parameters and lots by means of bar code on the underside of the test strips
Measuring range: Parameter specific
Controls: Parameter specific
Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish
Dimensios (H x W x D): 195 x 349 x 470 mm
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