Randox Evidence Investigator

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Randox Evidence Investigator with Drugs of Abuse Array 1 + Urine

The Evidence Investigator is a compact, semi-automated benchtop platform applicable in a wide range of settings including:

Pharma and drug development: pre-clinical and clinical studies

Private/Public sector research applications

Environmental laboratories

Drug residue testing

Veterinary laboratories

Forensic/Drugs of abuse testing

Clinical laboratories

Multiplex testing allows multiple tests to be carried out from a single patient sample reducing the amount of time and labour spent on individual tests.

Consolidation on one system; The world’s first platform allowing consolidation of immunoassay and molecular diagnostics with protein and DNA based biochips

Delivering cost savings and improving laboratory efficiency.

World’s most diverse test menu; More tests available than any other sole supplier

Result traceability

Chain of custody features

Barcoded calibrators

Complete patient profiling; Multiplex testing with Biochip Array Technology allows clinicians and investigators to consider the complete picture allowing for well informed decisions and accurate diagnosis

Optimum laboratory efficiency; Multi-analyte controls and calibrators available for accurate and reliable laboratory testing

Compact benchtop system saves valuable laboratory space

Reduced sample volume; Analyse a complete profile of biomarkers from as little as 25μl of sample

Ideal for paediatric testing

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