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The Reveleris X2 Flash Chromatography System is designed for the rapid purification of complex samples by liquid chromatography. A flash chromatographic separation is performed using a cartridge containing a stationary phase such as 40-63µm silica and a mobile phase such as hexane: ethyl acetate (70:30) at a flow rate of 40mL/min at a moderate pressure (typically less than 100 psig). Although the resolution of flash chromatography is less than that of analytical or preparative high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), where 2-5 µm particles are employed, the technique is extremely useful as it provides the chromatographer with the ability to separate gram size samples in a short period.


In flash chromatography, as in analytical or preparative
HPLC, the separation is a function of the relative interaction
of the various compounds in the sample with the stationary
phase and the mobile phase. Compounds with a stronger
interaction with the stationary phase than with the mobile
phase will be more strongly retained by the column and have
a longer retention time (and vice versa). Typically, the
chromatographer determines the general conditions for
separation of the sample via thin layer chromatography
(TLC). Although most flash chromatography separations are
performed using a normal phase cartridge, a number of other
stationary phases are available.


The Reveleris X2 Flash Chromatography systems include a UV detector that can monitor three wavelengths simultaneously as well as an evaporative light scattering detector (ELSD). The ELSD provides the ability to monitor all non-volatile compounds in the mobile phase and allows the user to detect for compounds that do not absorb UV radiation. An additional benefit of the ELSD is the ability to employ mobile phases that absorb light at the same wavelength as the compound(s) of interest. Both detectors offer adjustable sensitivity settings to detect and collect small and large quantity of compounds.


Mode of Operation: Gradient Flash Chromatographic System

Solvent Delivery System: 4 Independent channels

Gradient Formation: Binary Gradient with High Pressure Mixing

Flow Rate: 1-200mL/min

Flow Rate Accuracy: ± 3% (4-200mL/min)

Maximum Pressure: 200psig

Gradient accuracy (at 40mL/min): ± 1.5%

Gradient precision (at 40mL/min): < 1%

Sample Modes: Liquid or Solid Sample Modes

Sample Loader: Sample loaders for 3g, 25g, and 60g can be employed

Sample Loader Plunger: Three sizes (15mL, 75mL, and 150mL).

Absorbance Detector Wavelength Range 200 – 500 nm

Number of Wavelengths monitored: 3 wavelengths can be monitored and used to trigger fraction collection

ELSD Detector Light Source: Laser (0.3mW)

Detector Element: Silicon Photodiode

Fraction Collection Triggers: UV signal, ELSD signal

Collection Racks: Multi position racks for 36x 25 mm tubes

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