Bruker Autoflex Speed MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer

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Innovative MALDI-TOF and TOF/TOF technology designed and optimized to be easy-to-use; robust systems for both traditional MALDI applications (reliable and detailed protein/peptide characterization, and polymer analysis) as well as cutting edge work (high resolution MALDI Tissue Imaging, glycan analysis or high-throughput MALDI Biotyper microbial identification).


The new autoflex speed incorporates a number of key features which enhance its capabilities and value including:


Enhanced Speed with a 2 kHz (kiloHertz) proprietary smartbeam-II solid-state laser and electronics for high throughput applications including LC-MALDI, MALDI Imaging, and high-throughput microbiology ID

Unique FAST-SRM mode provides single reaction monitoring capabilities for imaging of drugs and metabolites in tissue

Expanded High-Resolution Mass Range for analysis of polymers and Top-Down, intact protein sequencing for long sequence readouts

FlashDetector technology to increase resolution and prevent signal saturation for complex samples

Self-cleaning Ion Source cleans the instrument source in minutes to improve system up-time and with minimal operator maintenance

Optimized Software packages for numerous applications e.g. Protein-, Peptide-, Polymer-Analyses, and MALDI Imaging, clinical research methods and the MALDI Biotyper IVD-CE workflow.

The most flexible autoflex instruments are available in linear only mode, high resolution reflectron mode and the latest TOF/TOF technology (LIFT) which enables the use of various MS/MS techniques (e.g. LID, high energy CID) for fast and sensitive MS/MS experiments.


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