Dionex Suppressor External Regenerant CSRS Installation Kit

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Eliminate manual regenerative preparation and ensure consistency with an economical electrolytic suppressor upgrade for your ion chromatography system. The Thermo Dionex RFC-10 Reagent-Free Controller provides continuously used variable current (1mA resolution) to Dionex SRS suppressors.

The SRS 300 provides high-capacity suppression while adding minimal dead volume to the analytical system.  

The CSRS 300 offers continuous suppression of concentrated eluents up to 100 mN H2SO4 or MSA. This high capacity significantly increases the capabilities and simplifies the operation of Ion Chromatography.

Set includes:

1 Thermo Dionex RFC-10 Reagent Free Controller

1 Thermo Dionex CSRS 300 Cation Self Regenerating Suppressor (4mm)

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