Gilson 234 Autoinjector

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The 234 Autoinjector is used to inject ready-prepared samples into an HPLC system for analysis purposes. The instrument can dilute samples and standards and add an internal standard to samples and standards. Vials containing sample liquids are placed in a single rack held at the front of the unit.
The instrument incorporates an integral command keypad for control, an XYZ motion carriage for liquid transfer, a high pressure Rheodyne injection valve to inject samples into an HPLC system, and an integral pump for aspirating and dispensing the samples.

 Vial Capacity: 60 microvials
Syringe capacity: 500 µl
Injection loop: 20 µl
Injection volume: 1 to 500 µl selectable in 1 µl steps.
Number of injections per vial: 1 to 9.
Liquid flow rate: 0.1 to 20 ml/min
Minimum sample volume: 1 µl can be injected from 12 µl sample in a 0.7 ml vial.
Sample cross-contamination: lower than 50 ppm with recommended values for rinsing parameters (Valve rinsing volume: 500 µl, Inside needle rinsing volume: 300 µl, Outside needle rinsing volume: 300 µl)
Liquid contact materials: 316L stainless steel, FEP, PEEK, PP and PI.
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