Parker Balston UHPN2-1100 Nitrogen Generator

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The Parker Balston Model UHPN2 Nitrogen Generator is completely engineered to transform standard compressed air into 99.9999% nitrogen, exceeding the specification of UHP cylinder gas. This system can produce up to 1.1 lpm of UHP nitrogen gas and is produced by utilizing a combination of state-of-the art purification technologies and high efficiency filtration.
Pressure swing adsorption removes O2, CO2, and water vapor. A catalyst module is incorporated in the UHPN2 Series to oxidize hydrocarbons from the inlet air supply. High efficiency coalescing prefilters and a 0.01 micron (absolute) membrane filter is also incorporated into the design of the generators.
The Parker Balston UHPN2 Nitrogen Generator is engineered
and packaged in a small cabinet to fit on or under any benchtop. The
systems eliminate the need for costly, inconvenient high pressure nitrogen cylinders.
Typical applications include GC carrier and make-up gas and low flow sample concentrators.

Produce a continuous supply of high purity nitrogen gas from existing compressed air
Eliminate the need for costly, dangerous, inconvenient nitrogen cylinders in the laboratory
Compact design frees up valuable laboratory floor space 
Offers long term cost stability – uncontrollable vendor price increases, contract negotiations, long term commitments and tank rentals are no longer a concern
Ideal for carrier gas applications

Nitrogen Purity: 99.9999%
CO Concentration: < 1 ppm
CO2 Concentration: < 1 ppm
O2 Concentration: < 1 ppm
H2O Concentration: < 1 ppm
Hydrocarbon concentration: < 0.1 ppm
Recommended Inlet Temperature: 25°C
Max Air Consumption: 42 l/min
Dimensions (WxDxH): 310 x 410 x 890 mm
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