Christ Rotational Vacuum Concentrator System

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With rotational vacuum concentration (RVC), you can prepare samples quickly without sacrificing gentle handling. This method can be used for evaporation, drying, purification and concentration.

Rotational vacuum concentration can be a true alternative for anyone who has previously worked with distillation systems, rotary evaporators or freeze dryers. Distillation systems and rotary evaporators use high temperatures for evaporation and operate at nearly atmospheric pressure. They are fast, but not especially gentle.

Freeze drying systems operate at very low temperatures and high vacuum. The samples goes directly from the solid, icy state to the vapour state by sublimation. This is extremely gentle, but time consuming.


Example applications

• DNA/RNA (main solvents: water, ethanol, methanol)

• Oligosynthesis, peptides

• Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

• HPLC (main solvents: water, acetonitrile)

• Isolation/synthesis of natural substances

• Storage and handling of substances (substance libraries)

• Combinational chemistry

• High throughput screening (HTS)

• Food and environmental analytics, toxicology

• Forensics

• General evaporation tasks in laboratories


System consists of:


Christ RVC 2-25 CD plus midi concentrator

Christ CT 02-50 SR cold trap

Vacuubrand MD 4C NT vacuum pump


Christ RVC 2-25 CD plus:

Temperature adjustement range: 30°C to 80 °C

Speed: max 1550 rpm

Dimensions (HxWxD): 255 x 315 x 460 mm

Weight: 24 kg


Christ CT 02-50 SR :

2 L capacity

Condenser temperature -50°C

Easy emptying through bottom drain valve

Weight 0,0 kg

0 months


Used, in good condition



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