Grant Bio CVP-2 All-in-one PCR-plate centrifuge /vortex

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All-in-one PCR plate centrifuge/vortex mixer that allows for the simultaneous sample preparation of multiple samples at one time.

Versatile through being able to hold non, semi and fully skirted PCR plates with no additional accessories required.

The CVP-2 offers three devices in one.

• Centrifuge with vortex mixing

• PCR plate centrifuge

• PCR plate mixer

Dimensions (hxdxw): 190 x 350 x 285 mm

Centrifuge mixing speed control range: 300 to 1500 rpm

Vortex mixing speed control range: 300 to 1200 rpm

Speed control increment: 100 rpm

G-force/RCF: 245

Centrifuge timer with sound alarm: 0 to 30 minutes

Vortex timer with sound alarm: 0 to 60 seconds

Centrifuge/vortex cycles: 1 to 999

Capacity: 2 non-, semi or fully skirted microplates

External power supply: Input AC 120-230V, 50/60Hz, Output DC 24V

Power consumption 18 W (0.75A)

Input voltage: 24V DC 

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