Siemens RAPIDLab 1245 Blood Gas Analyzer

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Designed to maximize turnaround time, RAPIDLab 1200 Systems have the capacity to enhance blood gas testing efficiency in the clinical laboratory by combining testing speed and reliability with low maintenance. RAPIDLab 1200 systems are our proven solution for high-volume critical care testing sites.

Leverage the benefits of RAPIDLab 1200 Systems:

Comprehensive test menu addresses a variety of critical care testing needs

Intuitive operation and minimal maintenance help increase productivity without increasing staff.

Industry-proven accuracy and reliability through long-life Ready Sensor electrode technology

Biosafe automatic sampling system with clot detection and clearance

Effortless onboard Automatic Quality Control (AQC) for enhanced quality assurance and regulatory compliance


Blood gas: pH, pCO2, pO2

Electrolytes: Na+, K+, Ca++, CI-

Metabolites: Glucose, Lactate

CO-oximetry: tHb, HHb, O2Hb, sO2, COHb, MetHb, Neonatal Total Bilirubin

Dimensions (WxHxD): 584 x 572 x 559 mm

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