Skan Skanair HFC 950 Safety Workbench

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The two-part system consisting of a filter/fan unit (double filter/ventilation module) and a work cabin. The work cabin is transparent and thus provides an unobstructed view of the work process, as well as the external illumination of the work area by a light source on the work cabin.

The extraction unit consists of a filter module with two H-14 HEPA filters and a fan, which transports the air through the system.

This compact design allows easy cleaning and a comfortable and safe replacement of the HEPA pre-filter.

The average air speed in normal operation is adjustable and is approx. 0.3 – 0.5 m/s at the entrance opening of the work cabin.

The electronic control (SKC-4) monitors the process and can compensate for a drop in air speed due to contamination of the Hepa filter.


Dimensions (HxWxD): 1050 x 935 x 940 mm

Internal dimensions (HxWxD): 260-540 x 850 x 495 mm

Work space opening: 260/500 mm

Weight: 120 kg

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