Mettler Toledo XP205 DeltaRange Analytical Balance

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Mettler Toledo XP205 delta range analytische balans Specifications: Maximum Capacity: 220 g Readability: 0.01 mg Minimum weigh (typical acc. USP): 21 mg Minimum weigh (typical, U=1%, sd=2): 1.4 mg Taring range: 0…220 g Repeatability: 0.015 mg / 0.05 mg Linearity: 0.15 mg Eccentric Load: 0.25 mg Adjustment with internal weights: proFACT, fully automatic time- and temperature-controlled adjustment Adjustment with external weights: custom weights Sensitivity offset: 2.5×10-6·Rnt Sensitivity temperature drift: 1×10-6/°C·Rnt Sensitivity stability: 1×10-6/a·Rnt Settling Time: 1.5 s Interfaces: RS-232C Dimensions: 263x487x322 mm (WxDxH) Usable height of draft shield: 235 mm Size of weighing pan: 78 x 73 mm Met automatische deuren. In goede staat, enkel rechter deurknop afgebroken. Geleverd als afgebeeld, getest met kalibratiegewichten als afgebeeld, niet verder getest.

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