Roadworks Noordelijke Dwarsweg

Roadworks Noordelijke Dwarsweg

From January 10, 2022, roadworks will take place on the Noordelijke Dwarsweg in Zevenhuizen.

During the work, the Noordelijke Dwarsweg will be closed for traffic from Zuidplasweg, which will be diverted via an indicated diversion route.

Our office (Knibbelweg 18-C) will remain accessible. Our expedition (Noordelijke Dwarsweg 51-A) can be reached via the indicated diversion route. This does not apply when work is being carried out, such as removing the existing road and installing the new carriageway (probably during nights to be determined).

If you want to be sure whether our expedition can be reached when you come to pick up something, we advise you to contact us by telephone in advance.

All work is expected to be completed by early May 2022.

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