Amersham Biosciences ÄKTAxpress FPLC System

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ÄKTAxpress is a liquid chromatography system intended for automated, multi steppurification processes. The system has been developed and optimized for purificationof Histidine-tagged and Glutathione S-Transferase (GST)-tagged recombinant proteins from clarified or crude cell lysates. ÄKTAxpress supports a number of purification protocols containing up to four chromatography steps, for example, affinity chromatography followed by desalting, ion exchange, and gel filtration. Protocols for purification of both low expressed proteins and well expressed proteins are included. Also protocols supporting purification of double tagged proteins and protocols that can be combined with on-column and off-line (batch) tag cleavage are provided.

ÄKTAxpress provides the following features:

•Automatic purification of up to four samples in a single run.

•Purification protocols containing up to four chromatography steps.

•Automated on-column affinity tag removal in the first step of purification protocols starting with an affinity/ion exchange chromatography step.

•Purification protocols supporting purification of both well expressed and low expressed proteins, double tagged proteins and proteins that have been cleaved off-line.

•Up to 50 mg of protein can be purified per sample.

•Up to twelve ÄKTAxpress systems can be run in parallel, controlled from one computer (not included). Different purification protocols can be run simultaneously.

•The systems can be placed next to each other or they can stand separately if preferred.

Flow rate: 0.1 – 65 mL/min

Flow rate accuracy: ±2% or ±0.02 ml/min whichever is greater

Flow rate reprocibility: RSD < 0.5%

Pressure range: 0 – 30 bar

Step gradients (quasi-isocratic mixing) formation conditions: Water based buffers with different concentrations of salts

Gradient mmix proportions: 5 – 95%

Concentration accuracy: ±2%B

Linear gradients conditions: Water based buffers with different concentrations of salts

Linearity: ±2%B within 20 – 80%B

UV monitor wavelengths: 280 and 254 nm set by lamp position and filter

Optical path length: 2 nm

Opitcal cell volume: 2 µL

Detector cell volume: 30 µL

Absorbance range: 0.01 – 5 AU

Auto zero range: -0.2 – 2.0 AU

Linearity, deviation: < 3% up to 2 AU

Static noise, short and long term: < 40 μAU

Static drift: ±0.1 mAU/h

Conductivity range: 0.01 – 300.00 mS/cm

Accuracy: Max. ±2% of full scale calibrated range or ±0.1 mS/cm whichever is greater

Reproducibility, short and long term: Max. ±1% or ±5 μS/cm whichever is greater

Noise: Max. ±0.5% of full scale calibrated range, typically ±0.1%

Response time: Max. 4 s (0–95% of step)

Internal volume: 24 μl

Dimensions (WxdxH): 250 x 490 x 660 mm

Weight: 30 kg

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