BiopTechs Delta T5 µ-Environmental Culture Dish Controller

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The Bioptechs Delta T heated lid device, which will provide a condensate free optical surface on top of a Delta T dish through which specimens can be trans-illuminated on a inverted microscope. It also provides a port for the introduction of gas above the specimen.

 The Delta T is unlike any other specimen-warming device. It transfers heat directly to the cells by means of an electrically conductive optically transparent coating on the underside of the glass surface on which the cells rest. Please familiarize yourself with its operation and characteristics before conducting an experiment. The temperature transfer capability of the Delta T is extremely fast.Therefore, any time a new dish is placed into the stage adapter you must first press the “Reset” button to tell the controller that it is regulating a new dish. If the controller has been left on without a dish in the stage adapter or the stage adapter has not been plugged in while the controller is on, the controller will go out of range attempting to regulate something that is not there! Pressing the “Reset” button brings the controller back to its proper starting point.

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