Lonza FlashGel System

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The FlashGel System for fast electrophoresis of DNA is the ideal tool for quick screening of up to 32 samples without having to plan your day around agarose gels. The FlashGel System contains all you need to quickly begin using FlashGel Cassettes. The FlashGel System is the fastest way to separate DNA and the best way to watch DNA migration as it happens. This revolutionary new tool separates DNA in 2 – 7 minutes. Monitor gel runs right at the bench, without UV light. The highly sensitive system allows a 5-20X reduction in DNA levels – saving both time and money. FlashGel Cassettes contain precast, prestained agarose gels and buffer – no need for gel preparation, buffer addition or gel staining.

Consists of:

FlashGel Dock

FlashGel Camera

FlashGel Power Supply

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